When life gets busy again, sometimes what we eat get’s pushed to the back of the brain, or time just gets away from us and before we realize the day is over and we forgot to eat our prepared lunch or snacks. Or maybe this busy time has limited your brainpower or ability to think up some fun snacks, so you are left with a lack of interest during the day to eat that overripe mushy banana that you forgot to eat last week.

Well I have been in all of those situations, so I thought I would share some fun, simple snack ideas with you, (to share some of that brainpower around), as these ideas have definitely helped me get through.
If time is of the essence, then something quick and easy to put in the mouth before or after a toilet break (we all have time to go to the toilet at some stage during the day), or in between meetings/ appointments is what I suggest. And something like a Bliss ball could be the way to go.

Bliss Ball: I don’t have a set recipe for these, but depending how I am feeling and what I have in the cupboard at home, these usually consist of some sort of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and a variety of other additions for flavour. The quantities below usually make at least 2 dozen balls, which easily lasts my husband & I a couple weeks as snacks (usually 2-3 per snack), although this does depend on the size you make.

Roughly: 1.5 dried fruit (eg 1 cup dates, ½ sultanas), 1cup nuts (½ cup almonds, ½ cup raw cashews), 1 TBSP dedicated coconut, 1 TBSP desiccated coconut, 1 TBSP chia seeds, 1.5 TBSP cacao/ cocoa powder, 1 TBSP water.

Blitz all these ingredients without water in a food processor, then add water and blitz again. Make into balls & eat or refrigerate for later. (You may need slightly more water if too dry, however I find a small amount can make them too sticky)

Muesli Bar slice: This is a simple recipe, and you can add/ change what things you add to your slice depending what your preferences are. Eg more nuts, less fruit, or for the day you need that chocolate hit to add some choc chips.

Combine 1 cup each of sultanas, almonds and seeds (eg sunflowers, chia) into a food processor.
Combine 2 whisked egg whites, 1 cup rolled oats, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix.
Lay mix in flat lined baking tray.
Bake in oven 180 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes or until crispy.
Other ideas

– A piece of fruit is always a good go to as a staple snack

– Handful of nuts

– Roasted chickpeas – whether you roast your own with some olive oil spray on an oven tray or purchase a proportioned bag from the supermarket

– Yoghurt tub (my current go to is Chobani)

– Boiled egg

– 2-3 vita wheat 9 grain + avocado /tomato/ nut butter/ hummus

– Baby cucumbers/ carrot/celery with hummus or nut butter

– 1 cup popcorn (lightly salted)

Whatever your taste preferences are will be what sparks interest to you, but why not have some fun and try something new! These are just some of many ideas.

If you feel you are needing further assistance or support with your eating, why not call us at Discover Health on 9431 4337, and one of our dietitians would love to chat with you.