Non-Diet Nutrition

What is non-diet nutrition?

  • Non-dieting is a constructive health-focused approach to eating. It encourages people to improve their health through eating a variety of foods, and moving the body in ways you enjoy – rather than restricting. 

It involves teaching people to:

  • Eat for wellness and pleasure
  • Respond to and trust internal physical hunger and satiety cues
  • Move more for enjoyment and health
  • Learn to deal with unhelpful habits and thinking patterns
  • Set realistic goals
  • Increase self-esteem through making lifestyle changes rather than changing the body
  • Target behaviours they can keep on doing without feeling deprived
  • Address underlying concerns

Eating with awareness

  • Food and eating habits are inextricably linked to a person’s belief system about themselves and the world. They are developed from infancy and through your whole lifespan. 
  • Food and eating habits are deeply connected to feelings, self-esteem, body image, enjoyment and the ability to manage stress.
  • In changing your eating habits you need to address the wider meaning food plays in your life.
  • One way to explore the meaning of food in your life is to learn to eat with awareness.

If you would like to reconnect with your body and explore hunger, fullness and satiety cues, we’d be happy to help.